Cheese Cake

Cheesecake or Cheese Cake is one of the specialty cake. Mostly found in all bakeries in the form of pastries only. However these cakes are made to order in 500 gm and 1 Kg. Mostly cheese cakes are in round shape due to ring shape used for molding the cheese. 

Cheese Cakes are single layered or multi layered. The most common have a thick layers of cheese and a thin crust used as base on which the cake is set. The thick layer is made from soft and fresh cheese and sugar. It can also have eggs. Now a days eggless cheese cakes are also prepared. We deliver only eggless cheese cakes. The base is made from crust or crushed cookies, cake sponge etc. 
Cheese cake is sweetened using sugar. In addition to this depending upon the flavor of the cake fruit crush, nuts, cookies, fresh fruits, sugar syrup, chocolate syrup is used. It can baked or non baked. Cheese cakes are available in many flavors like blueberry cheese cake, mocha chocolate, strawberry, cookies, oreo, pumpkin, lemon cheese cake.

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BlueBerry Cheese Cake

BlueBerry Cake can be best enjoyed if you really love cheese and blueberry combination. It is one of...
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Fudge Brownie Cheese Cake

This is base price and GST 18% will be added in final price beofre you check out.  As this i...


This is base price. GST 18% will be added to cake price when you check out. No GST on Flowers, in ca...