About Us


Cakes, Chocolates, Bouquets and Gifts are not just commodities to be sold and purchased. These are the symbols of feelings. When we send or receive these items we actually exchange our feelings.

We believe that these are the purest forms of feelings. These feelings should be handled and transferred with due care. With this thought in mind ICS Food Solutionsis started and cakehunt.com is evolved.

Cakehunt.com is a platform for consumers to shop Cakes, Chocolates, Bouquets and Gifts from the stores of their choice. Everything you buy here is from the place you know. Before you buy, you can compare rates, products and variants.

Cakehunt.com is also a place for the bakers to showcase their products. It provides a platform for the bakers to present the best cakes and chocolates on a common platform. With very ease bakers can reach out to their fans and followers as the e-commerce platform is provided by us and the deliveries are also executed by our team. Currently we are associated with Chocoholics, Chocstacy, Choc O Den, Fresh N Fresh, Kabhi B, Indulgence and Upper Crust for selling their products on our site. We also help TGB and Monginis (Ankur Outlet, Ahmedabad) to deliver the cakes booked at their store.

Cakehunt.com is created to spread smiles. We understand your feelings. The main motive behind cakehunt.com’s birth is to bridge the gap between bakers and consumers. End of your hunt…. Cakehunt.com

The online media is kind enough to share our work with the online community. We are featured in Indipreneur.inThe Ahmedabad BlogBuddybits.com, The New Indian Express