Black Forest Cake

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CITY:  Baroda / Vadodara - A Freshly Baked Black Forest Cake from Muffins Cake shop can be delivered only in Baroda / Vadodara.

Black Forest is probably one of the oldest German Dessert loved by people of all ages across the world. A typical black forest cake is made from multiple layers of chocolate sponge and cream. Cream could be dairy or non dairy fresh cream. Most of the bakers now a days use non dairy whipped cream. As this cream have good shelf life. Fresh whipped cream is layered between two layers of chocolate sponge. Small pieces of cherries are also mixed with cream. Some bakers also used different fruit crushes. 

A Freshly baked, 100% eggless Black Forest Cake can be home delivered in Vadodara / Baroda in 4 hours depending upon the time of order and area. We get a fresh cake around 10:30 am - 11 am from Muffins cake shop in baorda for the orders booked online at for home delivery. You can expect delivery after 11 am depending upon the time and place of delivery. 

This cake can be delivered in corporation limits of Vadodara city in daytime. For same day delivery in daytime  or midnight please call us before placing the order. 


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