Black Forest Heart Shape

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Black Forest Heart Shape

100% Eggless Cake.

Base - Chocolate Sponge

Layers - Fresh Vanilla Cream and Cherry Pieces. Covered with Choclate Flakes.

₹ 400.00
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Black Forest is one of the oldest and most loved basic chocolate cake across the world. This most widely accepted German dessert is made from Chocolate Sponge and Fresh Whipped Non Dairy Cream,. Cream is speard between two layers of Chocolate Sponge. Chopped cherry pieces are also dispersed bewteen these two layers of sponges. The top of the cake is covered with vanilla cream and covered with dark chocolate flakes. 

We can deliver a freshly baked Black Forest Heart Shape Cake From Sponge N Creams Bakery, Hinjewadi between 11 am to 8 pm in day time delivery slot and 10 pm to 12:30 am in midnight delivery slot... 

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