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Edible Sugar Sheet is used to Print Any Photo of Your Choice. 100% Eggless. 

Rate mentioned is of Black Forest Flavor. Select Flavor of your choice from drop down,

₹ 900.00

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Get the photo of ur loved ones or photo of Your Kids Favorite Super Hero, Cartoon Character, Photo of Your Team, Company's Logo or a Special Achievement on cake of your choice. 

Photo is printed on edible sugar sheet. This Suagr sheet is then pasted on the cake surface. Sugar Sheet is 100% Edible and safe. Food colors are used for printing the photo. 

This cake can be prepared in any flavor. Rate mentioned are of Black Forest Flavor. Select Flavor of your choice from the drop down menu. 

Any photo of your choice can be used on cake. Share the photo on or Please do mention your order number in subject line.

Cake is 100% Eggless. It can be arranged earliest by 11:30 am. 

PS: Please mail the photo after editing, if any required. We don't do any editing in the photos. 

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