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Ceramic Tile Photo Frame. Color and pattern of Background frame may differ. 

Delivery in Ahmedabad only. No Same Day Delivery. 

Photo is premanently trasferred in tile. No wear and tear.

₹ 400.00
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The one thing which last forever is memories. We always try to create the best memories in our and others life. And the best way to preserve these memories is to print whatever you can. Every photo of past will be carrying lots and lots of memories..

To help you preserve such wonderful memories we hereby present the unique frame. Photo is printed on 4 inches  by 4 inches tile. This tile can be simply kept on artistic wooden stand or sticked to wooden frame. Photo is permanently transferred in ceramic tile by sublimation process. 

1. Delivery in Ahmedabad only.

2. TAT 3 days. No same day delivery.

Send photo on or whatsapp on 7600056247.

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